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Top Use Full Safety Tips For Bathroom

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According to a study of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011 using national data collected since 2008, it has been estimated that there were in hospital emergency wards treated 234,094 failed, unintentional injuries in the bathroom persons over the age of 15 years. The study showed that the rate of injuries occurring in the bathrooms, have increased with age and was highest in individuals over the age of 85 years.

According to the study by the CDC, the most dangerous activities include swimming, showering or exit from a tub or shower. Approximately 80% of these injuries are caused by falls.

When it comes to the safety of the bathroom must be individuals, particularly older adults, aware of bathing activities that are associated with a high risk of injury, as well as environmental changes that could reduce that risk. Here are a few ideas to improve your ability to stay safe in the bathroom.

Install the grab bars

Make sure that you or your nearest had help with the entry and the confluence of the bathtub or the toilet or out of it. The installation of bars in and out of the bath or shower and toilets, older adults may be at allowing stability when switching in and out of the tub or on the outside of the toilet.

Use a portable bench

When they come in and out of the tub, the elderly may not be able to raise your legs, which is high enough to reach the top of the tub. Portable table eliminates the problem of entry and exit from the bathtub. Individual safe sitting on a bench outside of the bathtub, and then securely glides in the sitting area. A person can come in and get out of the tub, while the rest.

The purchase of chairs for shower

For individuals who have difficulty balancing or stand for an extended period, you can shower chairs allow swimming with stability.

Use non-slip mats

Downs can cause slippery surfaces. To prevent unnecessary slips on wet surfaces, place the best non-slip bath mats or stickers on the floor of the shower or bath as well as anti-slip mats on the floor, you step out of the tub or shower.

The temperature of the test water

Always check the heat of the water in the tub or shower before swimming to avoid older people. The temperature of the test water before the individual enters the shower or bath to avoid sudden movements which could lead to a fall.

Place the objects accessible

Prepare towels and clothing and make sure that they are frequently used items quickly available without the need to stretch or bend, including shampoo and other toiletries.

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